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  • Improving insect biodiversity in European fields and pastures


    An investigation will be carried out by an ERDF-funded project into how agricultural land in Europe can be made more attractive to insects without affecting farmers’ yields. Insect pollination is an important economic factor and indispensable to human survival. However, the number of wild...

    Composting facility to improve waste management in Tczew, Poland


    An ERDF-funded project has built a new state-of-the-art membrane-based composting facility to ensure better waste management in Tczew, including fewer unpleasant odours for local residents. The ERDF-funded project developed a new waste-treatment plant in cooperation with the town’s water and...

    Breaking down barriers to blue energy in Italy


    The ERDF-funded Coastenergy project, led by the University of Camerino in Italy, aims to prepare feasibility studies and pilot projects for the development of marine-energy production plants. The goal of the ‘Coastenergy: Blue Energy in Ports and Coastal Urban Areas’ project, which is...

    Vote for the Regiostars Awards


    As of 9 July, the public is invited to choose among the 24 RegioStars finalists selected by the RegioStars jury. The 2019 RegioStars will reward the most original and innovative Cohesion Policy projects in five categories: 1) promoting digital transformation; 2) giving green spaces and rivers...

    Registration open now!


    EURegionsWeek 2019 registration is open as of 8 July 2019. From 7 to 10 October 2019, more than six thousand people from all over Europe and beyond are expected to join the largest event of European Regions and Cities, this year under the headline "Regions and Cities: Pillars of the EU's Future"....

    Panorama 69 : Moravia-Silesia emerges from its industrial past


    The summer issue of Panorama magazine, which is now available to download, covers a wide range of topics and features a final, farewell editorial from our departing Commissioner Corina Creţu. Our regional focus this time features Moravia-Silesia in Czechia, with an interview with Regional President...

    Reconstructed water mill in Slovakia to boost tourism


    The unique water mill in Jelka, Slovakia was officially opened to visitors following its reconstruction and the development of associated infrastructure under a project partly financed by the ERDF. The overall aim of the project was to increase the attractiveness of Rye Island and Szigetköz....

    EU Baltic Macroregional Strategy: give the power to the young generation


    The young generation was a main concern during the 10th annual forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. And it’s not really surprising: over the last months, we heard them in the street in Belgium, in France, in Poland : they are really worried about their future and they definitely...

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