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  • Baltic Sea Forum 2019 : no time to waste to save our planet


    The opening session of the 2019 Baltic Sea Forum showed the spirit of the Baltic Sea region for the future, especially concerning the environment, climate change and global warming. It is a huge challenge for Europe, which has to provide answers to the young people who are in the street, worried...

    EU protects against forest fires and floods


    EU cohesion policy protects millions of citizens by investing in forest fire prevention, flood risk management and resilience against other disasters.   The risks that the EU faces are multiple. They include floods and extreme weather events that very often go beyond national borders and are...

    ESI Funds Open Data: publish graphs on your site


    The European Structural and Investment Funds Open Data platform displays how, where and when EU funding is invested in the countries and in the regions of Europe. The platform offers data visualisations at the level of EU, theme, country, funds and programmes. Raw datasets are made available from...

    Hungarian city solves rainwater drainage issue


    Damage, accidents and hazards resulting from flooding due to poor rainwater drainage have eased thanks to an ERDF-funded project. The Municipality of Kaposvár solved the problem of rainwater drainage in the city centre thanks to the EU grant. Prior to the work rainwater drained into Kapos...

    Project portal for EU funding in Saxony goes ‘online’


    Citizens are now able to inform themselves online about the projects in Saxony receiving funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF). On the 15th of May, the Free State of Saxony launched a dedicated project database, which provides funding details...

    EU Solidarity Fund: Commission proposes €293.5 million for Austria, Italy and Romania and evaluates the Fund


    Today the Commission proposes €293.5 million under the EU Solidarity Fund for Austria, Italy and Romania following natural disasters that occurred in 2018. The Commission also publishes a report evaluating the work of the Fund since its creation in 2002 and providing...

    Poland gears up to test driverless minibus


    A driverless minibus will be tested in the Polish city of Gdańsk this autumn as part of an ERDF-funded Baltic Sea region project aimed at promoting the benefits of automated public transport. The EZ10 electric vehicle was built by scientists at the University of Helsinki in Finland and can carry up...

    Kick-off of the EU in My Region 2019 campaign: thousands of EU-funded projects in the spotlight


    Visit the University of Borås in Sweden to see how to turn mushrooms into fuel, take a look at the brand new fire station in Covilhã, Portugal, or walk around the Energetikum Centre in Pinkafeld, Austria, to understand how wind and solar energy can be harnessed and delivered to...

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