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  • Estonian tourism campaign wins the Emerging Europe Awards


    The ERDF-funded #EstonianWay campaign, organised by the Estonian Tourism Board, has combined old traditions with modern marketing to successfully spark interest in Estonia as a tourist destination. The #EstonianWay campaign aims to promote Estonia as a tourism destination by increasing awareness of...

    Reconstructed water mill in Slovakia to boost tourism


    The unique water mill in Jelka, Slovakia was officially opened to visitors following its reconstruction and the development of associated infrastructure under a project partly financed by the ERDF. The overall aim of the project was to increase the attractiveness of Rye Island and Szigetköz....

    Making Biržai, Lithuania a more welcoming, safer place to live


    An ERDF-funded project is building and upgrading community infrastructure in the Lithuanian town of Biržai to make it safer and more attractive to residents, visitors and businesses. The project is being implemented by the Biržai District Municipality Administration and aims to make better use of...

    Lightening the tourism load on Mediterranean mobility


    The ERDF-funded MOBILITAS project aims to promote new low-carbon mobility models in Mediterranean tourist areas in order to alleviate pressure on transport infrastructure in the high season. Many areas of the Mediterranean are subjected to heavy tourist activity, particularly over the summer. A...

    Registration for the 8th Annual Forum for the EU Strategy of the Danube Region (EUSDR) is open!


    REGISTER NOW! The 8th Annual Forum for the EU Strategy for the Danube Region will take place the 27-28 of June in Bucharest (Romania). This year, the Romanian rotating presidency of the EUSDR is focusing on “Building cohesion for a shared prosperity in the Danube Region”.  ...

    Growing support for Lake Constance gardens


    The ERDF-funded, cross-border project aims to support, develop and preserve gardens and parks across the Lake Constance region. The project, jointly funded by the ERDF and the Swiss Confederation, has already financed 23 individual initiatives along the European lake which borders Germany, Austria...

    New lease of life for traditional outdoor market in Leros, Greece


    An ERDF-funded project is providing EUR 2 million for the transformation of the outdoor market on the Greek island of Leros into an interactive farming and food museum. The project will use ERDF financing to completely restore the outdoor market and transform it into a five-storey museum fit for...

    Romania’s coastal city of Mangalia gets a new-look shoreline


    An ERDF-funded project aims to attract more visitors to the city of Mangalia, a Romanian seaside destination and harbour, by restoring the amenities along its coastline. The ERDF-funded project will restore two kilometres of the Mangalia-Saturn coastline, making improvements to the pedestrian areas...

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