#Youth4Coop - The new 2022 edition of “Stories of European Cooperation” is out now!

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We are very happy to share the new 2022 edition of the “Stories of European Cooperation”! This year the publication is dedicated to young people and their involvement in Interreg programmes and projects!

The European Union’s cohesion policy strives to improve life for all citizens, ensuring that everyone in the EU has a fair chance to a good quality of life and to achieve this goal. We need to involve young people, who are ultimately our future!

2022 is the European Year of Youth and therefore is the perfect moment to follow up on the progress of the Manifesto for Youth by Youth to Shape the European Territorial Cooperation, published by the European Commission at the occasion of Interreg’s 30th anniversary.

Young people have elaborated 12 recommendations to improve concretely their participation at all decision making levels. Over the past two years, DG REGIO has made its best to implement hand-in-hand with Interreg programmes and Macro-Regional Strategies what youth requested and this work continues.

Please enjoy this edition of the “Stories of European Cooperation” which illustrates good examples of Interreg projects tackling youth’s priorities.

Stories of Cooperation: Youngsters building together a better Europe