Tiny Houses, when eco-construction rhymes with solidarity!

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In the space of one year, thanks to the Interreg CE2S project, 10 Belgian and French learners became multi-skilled workers in eco-construction, but with a somewhat unusual final assessment: the construction of 2 small, comfortable and ecological houses, intended to serve as emergency accommodation in the Mons region (Belgium).

This is the triple positive effect of this project which combines training, respect for the environment and social inclusion. These first 10 Belgian-French learners, most of whom have already found a job, received their training certificates mid-October and the keys of this first tiny eco-built house were given to the MONS CPAS for emergency housing of people in difficulty.

And it's not over yet! The second “CE2S” tiny house which will be hosted by Accueil & Promotion in Maubeuge (France) will be inaugurated on November 19! 

The CE2S project continues with 10 new interns who just joined the eco-construction school. In total, 20 learners (10 Belgian and 10 French) will therefore benefit from this ambitious program. Theoretical and practical courses, mastery of materials, meetings with professionals, site visits, etc.

And again, two additional tiny houses will be built and delivered to provide emergency accommodation and reintegration into housing for people experiencing homelessness in the French-Belgium cross-border region. 

“It is from a desire to strengthen our fight against social emergency issues that the tiny houses’ project was born. These accommodations are intended, on both sides of the border, to house people in precarious situations. It seemed important to us that solidarity and social inclusion be an integral part of the project " declares Marie Meunier, President of the CPAS of the City of Mons. 



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