200 ENI CBC projects in the virtual village of EURegionsWeek

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200 projects, more stories and new functionalities: it is the newly revamped ENI CBC virtual exhibition.

Inaugurated at the #EURegionsWeek Village, and available on the website.

Transforming wood biomass into biodegradable plastic; dolphins-assisted therapy helping vulnerable children out of their isolation; turning industrial waste into drinking water through a mobile installation…. These actions have something in common: they are all achieved beyond the EU borders thanks activities implemented together by neighbours of different bordering countries. And they are all portrayed in the new ENI CBC virtual exhibition. 

Scroll around the four thematic topics #Environment, #EconomicDevelopment, #P2Pcooperation #CrossBorderInfrastructure. And discover these and many other inspiring initiatives. There are almost 200 project posters, with general information, visuals and links to websites and social media, together with articles and interviews conducted directly with the project beneficiaries. 

And it’s not all. In an interactive map, you can now find the selection of projects classified per programmes and countries. Click on the map, select your country of interest, and discover how many ENI CBC programmes are participating in its activities, or check some of the best projects taking place in the area. Click on a specific ENI CBC programme, if you want to know which countries are covered by its activities, and which flagship projects aco-funded by it. 

The new virtual exhibition is now available in the #EURegionsWeek Village (orange Cohesion corridor) and will be presented at the Interreg Annual Event exhibition hall. 

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