Project selection: the Economic Appraisal Vademecum

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How do you ensure the optimal allocation of available funding and verify that the projects supported are good value for money?

The Economic Appraisal Vademecum highlights different methods to select the projects that are best fit to reach the regional development goals defined by EU regions and countries. It updates and complements the Guide to Cost–Benefit Analysis of Investment Projects

The Vademecum was prepared by the European Commission Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy in cooperation with the experts of JASPERS (Joint Assistance to Support Projects in European Regions).

The Spreadsheet was prepared by Dr. Linas Jasiukevičius under an assignment by the European Commission and also benefitted from advice of JASPERS  (Massimo Marra, Davide Sartori, Sarunas Bruzge) and from CINEA (Julien Bollati). 

Learn more about this flexible, yet rigorous, analytical tool and secure the sound selection and prioritization of your projects!

Economic Appraisal Vademecum 2021-2027 - General Principles and Sector Applications