Investment Projects in Road Transport - Assessment of the Unit Costs of Capital Expenditure

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Ensuring an efficient and integrated transport system is a priority objective of the European Commission (EC). The level of completion and quality of the transport infrastructure has a significant impact on the quality of life of European citizens and companies with consequent social and economic benefits.

Coherently, European Commission support through Cohesion policies and funds on the development of road infrastructure and upgrading has been significant.

The European Commission has completed a major review of a several hundreds of large transport investments, typically Cohesion Fund projects and Major projects, between 2000 and 2020, in the road transport sector. 

It aims to support the planners and decision-makers in assessing road investment projects and programmes in the road infrastructure sector. The RodUCT tool developed within the scope of the assignment provides statistically relevant distribution ranges for costs of road infrastructure investments and relative subcomponents to compare with similar investments.

This study follows a similar analysis for the rail sector and completes a major review of costs in terms of capital expenditure of large investments in the land transport sector.

Assessment of the Unit Costs of Capital Expenditure for Investment Projects in Road Transport


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