EU Solidarity Fund: Commission makes final payment to support Croatia’s efforts in dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake

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The European Commission has made the final payment of 594.7 million from the EU Solidarity Fund to Croatia to support the recovery and rebuilding efforts following the disaster caused by the devastating earthquake in Zagreb and its surroundings back in March 2020. This comes on top of the €88.9 million already disbursed in August 2020 as an advance payment, also thanks to the increase of the maximum level of advance payments adopted in April 2020. The total assistance to Croatia proposed by the Commission and mobilised under the EU Solidity Fund amounts to  € 683.7 million  - the second highest amount ever paid by the Fund for emergency and recovery operations after a natural disaster.

The EUSF supports EU Member States and accession countries by offering financial support after severe natural disasters and, from this year, health emergencies. Since its creation in 2002, the Fund has been activated in more than 90 catastrophic events, covering floods, forest fires, earthquakes, storms and droughts. So far, the EUSF has mobilised over €5.5 billion in 23 Member States and one accession country. As part of the exceptional EU response to the coronavirus outbreak, the scope of the EUSF has been extended to cover major public health emergencies and the maximum level of advance payments was raised from €30 million to €100 million.



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