This is Europe: The brand new Interreg podcast has launched to celebrate 30 years of cooperation!

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Discover the first episode of the Interreg podcast, to know better about Interreg actions across Europe, and click here to listen to it 

There are 27 countries which make up the European Union, a union whose official motto is, ‘United in Diversity’.  But how exactly do you cultivate unity across a region with such a diverse mix of culture, language and heritage? 

In this new podcast, broadcaster Shahidha Bari talks to the Europeans whose lives have been transformed by Interreg. 

Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2020, Interreg was created in a spirit of knowledge-sharing and collaborative thinking both within the EU and beyond to help create a peaceful and prosperous union. 

Across the series you’ll hear how the Interreg community works with everyone from fisherman to farmers, city planners to entrepreneurs, forging stronger bonds across borders, tackling pressing issues such as climate change and investing in young Europeans. 

Join us on our journey across this great continent.  

Further info on Interreg 30 years campaign