Winds of change sweep Croatia’s weather-forecasting system

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The weather station in the Croatian fishing port of Rovinj is being modernised as part of an overhaul of the country’s meteorological monitoring network, under an ERDF-funded project.

The Metmonic project aims to provide more accurate short- and medium-term forecasts and provide better warning of dangerous weather phenomena.

The upgrade in Rovinj is important as it is located at 45 degrees latitude, halfway between the equator and North Pole, exposing it to both a moderate and Mediterranean climate.

Six meteorological radars, 437 automatic weather stations and two-high altitude ones will be set up or modernised during the project.

The ERDF is funding 85 % of the EUR 46 million total cost.

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Source article on on 05/02/2020

Author: Nina Orlović Radić

Photo: ©iStock/HABY


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