With ERDF support, Maltese schools build vocational skills

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An ERDF-funded project is making Maltese secondary education more hands-on through workshops aimed at boosting the vocational skills of students. The goal is to keep them in school and help them find their footing in the job market.

Around 77 workshops are being introduced in local schools as part of the ‘My Journey: Achieving through different paths’ project.

Recently launched by the Maltese Ministry of Education, it aims to reduce the number of students who drop out of school and encourage more to continue past the age of 16.

Focus areas of the workshops include agribusiness, engineering technology, IT, media literacy, retail, health, fashion, hospitality and beauty.

To ensure they are truly hands-on, every workshop features state-of-the-art equipment such as high-tech machinery and specialised furniture. For example, those focused on hospitality include industrial kitchen units, restaurant floors with bar areas, reception and concierge desks and even a bedroom.

To participate, Year 8 students choose from a vocational or applied programme within their school, which they then complete over the next three years.

The European Regional Development Fund contributed EUR 3 million to the project, with the financing used for supplies.

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