Composting facility to improve waste management in Tczew, Poland

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An ERDF-funded project has built a new state-of-the-art membrane-based composting facility to ensure better waste management in Tczew, including fewer unpleasant odours for local residents.

The ERDF-funded project developed a new waste-treatment plant in cooperation with the town’s water and sewer company, ZWIK. The aim was to ensure the permanent, efficient and environmentally friendly management of the town’s sewage sludge.

In response to local residents’ complaints about unpleasant odours in Tczew, the project set out to modernise the process line and waste service systems by identifying solutions to ensure better sludge management.

The team chose to develop a membrane-based composting facility, a natural and ecological method for sewage-sludge management. The ERDF-funded project installed an oxygen analyser, aeration and ventilation systems, and temperature-monitoring systems. The membrane has proved effective in suppressing odours and the emissions of other compounds found in the sludge.

The resulting compost can be reused as a raw material if it meets the requirements relating to heavy-metal contaminants and pathogenic micro-organisms.

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Source article on 05/07/19

Photo: © iStock/ MariuszSzczygiel