Be part of the EU Regions Hackathon #ideas4EU

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Do you have fresh ideas and have the capacity to make them a reality? Do you possess solid knowledge about IT development and open data? Can you deliver web or mobile solutions with an impact throughout the entire European Union?

Then we are looking for you! And/Or share this call with your friends, family, and acquaintances:


EU Regions Hackathon #ideas4EU


· 26 July: deadline for applications (register your idea)
· 31 July: announcement of finalists
· 30 September: deadline for finalists to submit the web or mobile ideas they have developed
· 10 October: winner announcement


· The five finalists will attend the #EURegionsWeek in Brussels (~7.000 participants) in October
· The winner will get a ticket for the next #WebSummit in Lisbon (~70.000 participants) in November


Anyone on Earth capable to develop innovative ideas and make them a reality


Get closer to citizens


· Condition: you should combine at least one domain (events, projects, funding, …) from the INFOREGIO website with at least one dataset from the ESIF Open Data Portal, European Data Portal, EU Open Data Portal, Eurostat website, Europa portal, Copernicus website, Galileo website, Interoperability solutions website, Building blocks Page or any other dataset [DVM1] (open or not).

· Goal: engage with EU citizens through a new insight, business model or business concept based on open data

· The result should be a new, original mobile or web application, visualisation or demonstration of applying data science by linking datasets, in order to generate new insights and engagement. The result should address a need or problem of free choice and prove its relevance in context.

·  For more information check our page