Breaking down barriers to blue energy in Italy

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The ERDF-funded Coastenergy project, led by the University of Camerino in Italy, aims to prepare feasibility studies and pilot projects for the development of marine-energy production plants.

The goal of the ‘Coastenergy: Blue Energy in Ports and Coastal Urban Areas’ project, which is co-financed by the ERDF’s Italy-Croatia cross-border programme, is to foster the production and use of renewable energy from marine sources.

The project will focus on marine energy sources, such as currents, wave motion, and marine geothermal energy, all of which can be utilised by facilities built within existing port infrastructure and urban coastal areas.

Coastenergy’s coordinator, Camerino University, will bring together partners from across Europe to prepare feasibility studies and pilot projects for marine-energy production plants.

The university will also set up a permanent Italo-Croatian observatory focusing on problems experienced by renewable sea energy systems in ports and coastal areas. The aim is to harmonise similar development projects and procedures under way in other European countries.

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Source article on 29/06/19

Photo: ©iStock/pfshots