New alert system for natural disasters rolled out across Poland

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An ERDF-funded project in Poland has developed a new IT system for the protection of the country’s citizens. It aims to warn users of imminent threats and adverse weather events.

The ERDF-funded IT tool, known as ISOK, uses data-collection technologies, mathematical models and threat maps to develop early predictions of potential threats, their scale, and how to prepare for such adverse events.

The system is open and can be scaled up in future as new needs are identified. It will be open for registration to everyone in Poland, who will receive messages about adverse weather events if they sign up.

ISOK will be of particular use to services engaging with areas under threat from floods and other potential crises, particularly local and regional authorities. It will also be a crucial tool for businesses considering investment in certain regions.

Ultimately, ISOK aims to improve the safety of Polish citizens by preventing and preparing as much as possible for crisis situations, as well as reacting to them swiftly and effectively should they occur.

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Source article on 26/02/19

Photo: © Thinkstock/pixinoo