#EUinMyRegion 2018 blogging contest: and the winners are ….

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Radu Dumitrescu from Romania, who wrote a personal account of the Erasmus+ European Youth Weeks project, Amaury Bisiaux from France who travelled by train around Europe and described the new #DiscoverEU initiative, and Maria Giner Soler from Spain who reported on innovative SMEs supported by regional funds are the three winners of the #EUinmyRegion 2018 blogging contest. Radu, Amaury and Maria will enjoy a 3-week training programme on EU communications in Brussels in October.

The 120 blog posts submitted to the contest were evaluated by an independent jury composed of journalists and communication experts. Their scores were combined with the amount of votes received (almost 15,000 in total) and social media activity of each post to choose the winners.


1) Radu Dumitrescu (Romania)

2) Amaury Bisiaux (France)

3) Mari Trini Giner (Spain)


4) Micael Silva Sousa (Portugal)

5) Fabrice Serodes (Belgium)

6) Pavel Sinka (Romania)

7) Heidi Lusenius (Finland)

8) Michele Valente (Italy)

9) Joan Llop (Spain)

10) Hope Mutie (Kenya)