New electric buses bound for Bulgaria

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An ERDF-funded project in Veliko Tarnovo is aiming to optimise public transport and reduce car use across a Bulgarian town.

The ERDF-funded project will introduce a new bus line in the town of Veliko Tarnovo, providing a number of new electric buses. In an attempt to achieve a new integrated transport system in the town, the construction of buffer parking lots is also planned outside Veliko Tarnovo.

The electric buses will connect the parking lots with the town’s main historical and tourist sites and city centre. The new network will be designed to ensure optimal connections across the city while catering for passengers’ needs. A modern information system will also be installed to improve information for passengers and reduce waiting times.

In addition, a pedestrian overpass will be built over a busy street and a number of junctions and traffic light systems will be improved. The goal of this ERDF-funded project is to significantly reduce the traffic in the town while improving passenger experience and cutting harmful emissions.

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Source article on 31/05/18

Author: Dima Maksimova

Photo: © iStock/Scharfsinn86


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