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An ERDF-funded social inclusion project in Lithuania aims to integrate marginalised communities into public life.

The ‘Family Valley’ initiative was launched on 1 May 2017 in one of the oldest Lithuanian cities, Kretinga, just east of the Baltic Sea and close to the Latvian border.

The project will establish common ‘family’ spaces that are openly accessible to all. These spaces will include communal areas for residents, as well as facilities and activities for children. ‘Family days’ will also be organised, offering educational programmes and information sessions on the integration of remote communities.

These activities will seek to reduce social exclusion by integrating poor and marginalised groups into public life by bringing people together, encouraging them to engage with the wider community and providing them with information and opportunities to participate in civic life.

This project will also encourage cross-border cooperation with Latvia by organising a summer camp in Lithuania and a winter camp in Latvia.

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