Scandinavian Game Developers, RegioStar 2015

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Scandinavian Game Developers is a project from Denmark and Sweden and is the winner of the RegioStar 2015 Awards in the smart growth category.

The overall aim of Scandinavian Game Developers has been to ensure that entrepreneurs in the Scandinavian gaming industry can establish viable companies and survive in a highly competitive business environment.

When the project started, the gaming industry needed new business models. The project’s Swedish partner, the University of Skövde, designed a business model for entertainment and educational games – and business coaches, who counselled the young startups in the 2 project incubators, ensured the mainstreaming of the new model.

The project established 22 new small companies which now employ 67 persons, and just recently one of these companies attracted an external investment of around € 270.000 (or 2 million DKK). All the new companies have stated that the incubators have been vital to the survival of their companies, and that they will continue to develop their companies in the incubators which they see as very dynamic and inspiring environments.

Apart from the business models and trainings, the project has produced and disseminated a number of magazines on how to create and run companies in the games industry and has created a database on Scandinavian competences within the gaming industry which resulted in 78 cross border meetings, conferences, and workshops with a total of 1793 participants.

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