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  • Europe invests in nature for regional development


    The health and strength of our economies depend to a large extent on the health and strength of our natural environment and ecosystems. Nature forms the foundation of our food and energy systems and provides air, water, and raw materials. Restoring nature and conserving biodiversity not only makes...

    New research in Ireland could help predict seizures


    An ERDF-funded study led by researchers in Ireland has found a pattern of molecules that appear in the blood before a seizure happens. This discovery may lead to the development of an early-warning system, which would improve the lives of people with epilepsy.Researchers at FutureNeuro, the Science...

    Brochure Urban Agenda for the EU – Multi-level governance in action


    This brochure highlight the diversity and variety of actions and achievements so far. The Urban Agenda for the EU is an innovative urban policy initiative, which has put multi-level governance into action. It has enabled cities, Member States, the European Commission and other key stakeholders to...

    Baltic Sea Forum 2019 : no time to waste to save our planet


    The opening session of the 2019 Baltic Sea Forum showed the spirit of the Baltic Sea region for the future, especially concerning the environment, climate change and global warming. It is a huge challenge for Europe, which has to provide answers to the young people who are in the street, worried...

    A better quality of life for elderly people in Vaslui, Romania


    An ERDF-funded project in Vaslui County in Romania aims to improve the care of 200 disabled adults who are currently inpatients in the Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre in the town of Huși. Vaslui County in Romania has an ageing population with little support, due to many younger adults either...

    To infinity and beyond: schools peer into space in the Kvarken region


    An ERDF-funded project aims to develop a shared space research centre in Kvarken to benefit both the local schools and businesses. The ERDF-funded ‘KvarkenSpaceEco’ project brings together several participating universities and schools from both sides of the strait of Kvarken, which runs...

    Vote for your favourite article on an Interreg project until 14 June 2019!


    The Interreg Annual Event took place in Bucharest, Romania on 22 and 23 May 2019.  There are 101 programmes across Europe aimed at bringing citizens closer together and strengthening cooperation among EU countries and between the EU and neighbouring countries.   This year’s...

    Two schools get a makeover in Gabrovo, Bulgaria


    An ERDF-funded project has financed the renovation of two schools in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, which includes the purchase of new educational facilities, equipment and furniture. Two schools in the municipal centre of Gabrovo in Bulgaria have been modernised and improved thanks to ERDF funding. The...

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