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  • Boosting job creation in Slovenia with a business incubator


    An ERDF-funded project is setting up a business incubator in the Slovenian town of Krško to encourage the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises and boost job creation. The ERDF is contributing EUR 289 000 to the project’s total cost of EUR 470 000. The...

    Faster rail travel in northern Slovakia thanks to Cohesion Policy


    The Cohesion Fund invests almost €285.5 million for faster travel in northern Slovakia, on the railway line between the cities of Žilina and Púchov, near the border with Czechia on the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). The EU-funded project will upgrade the section of the line...

    The 8th Forum of the Danube Strategy will take place in Bucharest on 27-28 June 2019


    Under this year’s motto “Building cohesion for a shared prosperity in the Danube Region”, the Forum puts a valuable political commitment towards a sustainable economic development in the region. As in the last years, EU officials, representatives of the 14 Danube region countries,...

    Making Biržai, Lithuania a more welcoming, safer place to live


    An ERDF-funded project is building and upgrading community infrastructure in the Lithuanian town of Biržai to make it safer and more attractive to residents, visitors and businesses. The project is being implemented by the Biržai District Municipality Administration and aims to make better use of...

    EU Baltic Macroregional Strategy: give the power to the young generation


    The young generation was a main concern during the 10th annual forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. And it’s not really surprising: over the last months, we heard them in the street in Belgium, in France, in Poland : they are really worried about their future and they definitely...

    Sorting out waste management in east-central Poland


    A new building for selective waste collection has been completed in the Polish village of Jastrząb. Co-financed by the ERDF, the project is designed to boost recycling by making the facilities more accessible for local residents. The construction of the selective municipal waste collection point...

    Slovakia: a year on, an EU initiative helped improve the economy and everyday life in the Prešov region


    The European Commission takes stock of the first year of implementation of the ‘Catching up Regions Initiative' in the Prešov region. This Slovak ‘low-income region', which GDP is rapidly growing but remains well under the EU and Slovak average, has been benefiting from...

    Europe invests in nature for regional development


    The health and strength of our economies depend to a large extent on the health and strength of our natural environment and ecosystems. Nature forms the foundation of our food and energy systems and provides air, water, and raw materials. Restoring nature and conserving biodiversity not only makes...

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