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  • Young entrepreneurs revolutionise popcorn in Slovenia


    A handful of young Slovenian entrepreneurs had an idea to make popcorn which does not stick in your teeth, and have since moved their product into the circular economy, thanks to ERDF funding. A simple idea for making non-stick popcorn quickly became a reality thanks to the dedication of the young...

    Putting Nordic culture in the spotlight in Oulu, Finland


    An ERDF-funded project in Finland is offering opportunities for music and other cultural activities from the ‘Cap of the North’ to cross borders between Finland, Sweden and Norway. The project is financing North Finnish artists to perform in Sweden and Norway, providing them with avenues...

    Panorama 69: Proud of the region and its dynamic transformation


    The north-eastern corner of Czechia used to be referred to as the country’s heart of steel, home to a tough and resilient people. Today, the region is seen in a completely different light. Panorama invited Regional President Ivo Vondrák to explain Moravia-Silesia’s transformation...

    Improving insect biodiversity in European fields and pastures


    An investigation will be carried out by an ERDF-funded project into how agricultural land in Europe can be made more attractive to insects without affecting farmers’ yields. Insect pollination is an important economic factor and indispensable to human survival. However, the number of wild...

    Slovakia: better road connection from East to West thanks to cohesion funding


    The Cohesion Fund invests more than €173 million to build the Budimír-Bidovce section of Slovakia’s D1 motorway and a section of the R2-R4 expressway between the towns of Košické Oľšany and Hrašovík. This EU-funded project will improve the road...

    Composting facility to improve waste management in Tczew, Poland


    An ERDF-funded project has built a new state-of-the-art membrane-based composting facility to ensure better waste management in Tczew, including fewer unpleasant odours for local residents. The ERDF-funded project developed a new waste-treatment plant in cooperation with the town’s water and...

    Panorama 69: Bringing fast internet to Europe’s regions


    The economic competitiveness of regions, and notably rural regions, depends on good connectivity. This means not just roads and railways, but also internet highways. In the words of Rudolf Niessler, Director for Smart and Sustainable Growth at DG REGIO: ‘Broadband, particularly in rural...

    Estonian tourism campaign wins the Emerging Europe Awards


    The ERDF-funded #EstonianWay campaign, organised by the Estonian Tourism Board, has combined old traditions with modern marketing to successfully spark interest in Estonia as a tourist destination. The #EstonianWay campaign aims to promote Estonia as a tourism destination by increasing awareness of...

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