S3 Governance: "Entrepreneurial discovery process"

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24/09/2014 - 25/09/2014
Pisa, Italy
A core element of any Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3) is the requirement of an 'entrepreneurial-driven' allocation of public resources. This means that, compared to past industrial policies, prioritisation should be the result of an entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP) through which entrepreneurial actors, from the public and private sector (i.e. companies, research organisations, universities and public society), would constantly guide the allocation of public resources. Nonetheless, the operationalisation of EDP is still a major challenge for many policy makers. EDP requires not only the capacity of entrepreneurs to identify local strengths but also the ability of governments to collect and assess the information received in order to align policy measures to the selected activities.
Objectives: This workshop is organised by the S3Platform in co-operation with the Regional Government of Tuscany. It brings together policy makers from EU countries and regions as well as representatives from the European Commission, scientific institutions and academics. It aims at further developing the conceptual and analytical framework of EDP to ensure an efficient allocation of public resources. A second aim of the workshop is to help policy makers to transform the outcome of EDP into better innovation policies.
Structure: This one-and-a-half day workshop is organised along thematic sessions with presentations followed by circle discussions, open discussions or working groups. To ensure fruitful debates and active participation, presentations and documents will be shared among all registered participants prior to the workshop.

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DG Regional System Competitivness and Knowledge and Skills Development. Regional Government of Tuscany.



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