Consultation on the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP)

The EU Macro-regional Strategy for the Alpine Region aims to bring a new impetus for co-operation and investment to the benefit of all involved: States, regions, civil society stakeholders and, above all, European citizens. It will build on a long tradition of co-operation in the Alps, and will seek to complement, rather than duplicate existing co-operation structures. This also aims to ensure that this Region remains one of the most attractive areas in Europe, taking better advantage of its assets and seizing its opportunities for sustainable and innovative development in a European context.

Final Results

The consultation process emphasised that tackling shared challenges and opportunities requires coherent, integrated and coordinated approaches on the part of the States and Regions involved. Neither unilateral national approaches nor sector-based approaches would suffice.

Respondents of different capacities participated in the public consultation of the EUSALP. In particular private persons and representatives from the civil society responded to the survey, followed by public authorities. In total 330 contributions were received of which 198 on the website of the Commission and 129 on the Italian page of the EUSALP-website. the latter as follows: 54 in English, 64 in German, 23 in French, 51 in Italian, and eight in Slovenian. Residents of different countries participated in the consultation, including both residents of the countries in the Alpine Region, as well as other EU member states. All in all, 26 contributions came from Austria, five from Belgium, 38 from France, 44 from Germany, 194 from Italy, one from Latvia, four from Liechtenstein, one from the Netherlands, ten from Slovenia and eight from Switzerland.

Policy field(s)

All major policy fields are concerned (transport, energy, environment, trade, employment, research, etc.)

Target group(s)

Member States, regional and local authorities, inter-governmental and non-governmental bodies, public organisations, enterprises, civil society and European citizens

Period of consultation

From 16 July to 15 October 2014

Objective of the consultation

The main challenge of the Strategy should be to tackle the economic, social and territorial imbalances existing in the Alpine Region. The main opportunities should be, in stimulating an innovative and sustainable model of development, able to conciliate the promotion of growth and jobs, and the preservation and enjoyment of natural and cultural assets in the area

How to submit your contribution

We welcome contributions from citizens, organisations and public authorities.

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When considering the questions it is important to keep in mind that the actions and projects to be proposed should (a) concern the Alpine Region as a macro-region - as opposed to the national or EU level -, (b) have a positive impact on the citizens, enterprises, and the environment and (c) be feasible in the short to mid-term. If you wish to contribute with a paper which would develop further the topics of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region and/or issues raised by this questionnaire, you are welcome to send it as an attachment in PDF to

(You are advised to prepare your contribution in advance before filling-in the questionnaire online. We recommend you to download the PDF file of the questionnaire, to allow you to draft your answers to the open text questions carefully.)

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Online questionnaire for the public consultation on the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region

Reference documents and other, related consultations

Political resolution and Intervention paper signed at Grenoble Conference on 18th October 2013

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  • DG Regional and Urban Policy, D1 Competence Center Macro Regions and European Territorial Cooperation
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Results of consultation and next steps

The contributions will be further discussed in the frame of the stakeholders conference organised in Milan, on 1-2 December 2014, and will support the preparation of the EUSALP. A Communication concerning the Strategy will be adopted by the Commission during 2015.