Consultation on ERDF and Cohesion Fund 2007-2013 ex-post evaluation

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Policy field

Regional policy

Target groups

  • All citizens and organisations can contribute.  Contributions are particularly sought from:
  • Stakeholders involved in the management of operational programmes: Managing Authorities, Implementing bodies at all levels, partners represented in the monitoring committee, but also evaluation experts, the academia dealing with ERDF and CF evaluations
  • stakeholders involved in the delivery of ERDF and CF operations as project promoters: public administrations, NGOs, municipalities, chambers of commerce and other individual citizens
  • Direct beneficiaries of the ERDF and CF support: individuals, firms, NGOs, public administrations.

Period of consultation

From 03.02.2016 to 27.04.2016

Objective of the consultation

The aim of the consultations is to seek feedback from the relevant stakeholders and wider public on the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund (CF) during 2007-2013 programming period in the 28 Member States.

The stakeholder consultation will allow complementing evidence collected during all stages of the ERDF and CF 2007-2013 ex-post evaluation.

The Commission is using a similar approach as regards the ex-post evaluations of the European Social Fund (ESF).

For more information on this consultation, please read the Roadmap PDF.

How to submit your contribution

We welcome contributions in all 24 official languages of the European Union through an online questionnaire, available in the 3 working languages of the European Union.

We welcome contributions from citizens, organisations and public authorities on the following link:

A report on the Received contributions will be gather published on the Internet. It is important to read the specific privacy statement attached to this consultation for information on how your personal data and contribution will be dealt with.

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Contact details

responsible service: DG Regional and Urban Policy, European Semester and Evaluation


postal address: DG Regional and Urban Policy, B2 European Semester and Evaluation, BU-5 00/146, B-1049, Brussels


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In the interests of transparency, organisations have been invited to provide the public with relevant information about themselves by registering in the Interest Representative Register and subscribing to its Code of Conduct. If the organisation is not registered, the submission is published separately from the registered organisations.

Results of consultation and next steps

As soon as possible after the consultation has been completed, the results will be published here.


This document is intended for information and consultation purposes only. It has not been adopted or in any way approved by the Commission and should not be regarded as representing the views of Commission staff. It does not in any way prejudge, or constitute the announcement of, any position on the part of the Commission on the issues covered. The Commission does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided, nor does it accept responsibility for any use to which it may be put.

Protection of personal data

Specific privacy statement