RegioStars 2016 Winner - Centro Bio

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RegioStars 2016 Winner - Centro Bio

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The 2016 RegioStars Awards winner in Category 2  “Sustainable Growth” is the Centro Bio: Bio-industries, Biorefineries And Bioproducts (Centro, Portugal - European Regional Development Fund)

The BioCentre Project (Bio-industries, Biorefineries and Bioproducts) is a technological and innovation campus aiming to help rural regions with low population density to become less dependent on energy and raw materials.

The BioCentre campus collaborates with researchers and business to research and invest in innovative new products and technologies based on the model of economic activity within a closed loop – meaning that products can be re-used and recycled, thus reducing the use of energy and raw material.

The project, which represents a public/private investment of EUR 9.2 million, has already won 3 excellence awards, has given impulse to the creation of 24 sub-projects in R&D, saw the creation of 4 spin-offs and 6 start-ups and a follow-up investment of EUR 125 million (followed by the European Investment Bank).

The project also helped in setting up the All-Portuguese Association of Bioeconomy and Circular Economy, connecting it to society and stakeholders, as well as the creation of 38 projects of scholar entrepreneurship, involving 2360 young people.

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Website - BioCentre Project (Bio-industries, Biorefineries and Bioproducts)

Date: 11/10/2016

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Duration 01:27 minutes / mp4

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