Regiostars 2015 - Eurocity of Chaves-Verín

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Regiostars 2015 - Eurocity of Chaves-Verín

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The Eurocity of Chaves-Verín is a cross-border conurbation located on the border between North Portugal and the Autonomous Spanish Community of Galicia, formed by the cities of Chaves (42 000 inhabitants) and Verín (15 000 inhabitants).

The key objectives were to provide Eurocity with a structure that ensures efficient cooperation, involve citizens to encourage coexistence, create euro citizenship, boost the economy and sustainable development of the territory.

Both cities worked together on a wide range of projects, such as offering of joint services and joint municipality facilities, a cross-border office for youth, joint cultural events, commerce, sports, leisure, tourism and promotion of entrepreneurship.

In total, 3,500 people participated in youth exchanges and 40,000 people in sports, extracurricular and cultural events. About 50 cross-border micro-initiatives were supported. The success of the project has inspired the establishment of new Eurocities along the Portuguese-Spanish border.

The project has demonstrated that institutional, economic, social, cultural and environmental integration of two cities is possible across borders.

Eurocity of Chaves-Verin

Date: 13/10/2015

Languages English Spanish Portuguese

Subtitles english

Duration 01:44 minutes / mp4

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