Assessment of the application of EGTC regulation

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Date : 20/04/2018

This analysis supports the requirement of Regulation (EU) 1082/2006 as amended by the regulation (EU) 1302/2013 to provide a report on the application of that regulation. The report shall contribute to the evaluation of the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, European added value and scope for simplification of the amended EGTC regulation.

The preamble of Regulation (EU) 1302/2013 identifies objectives, which are the basis for this analysis:

  • to facilitate the establishment and operation of EGTCs;
  • to clarify certain provisions;
  • to allow for a more extensive use of EGTCs to contribute to better policy coherence and cooperation between public bodies without creating an additional burden on national or Union administrations.
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European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (EGTC)