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Assessing the performance of integrated territorial and urban strategies


Date: 05 mar 2018

Period: 2014-2020

Theme: Territorial cohesion

Languages:   en

Assessing the performance of integrated territorial and urban strategies: Challenges, emerging approaches and options for the future

This report examines the development of methodologies to measure the effectiveness of provisions in Article 7 ERDF and Article 36 of the CPR (ITI). There is currently relatively little information in relation to measuring the effectiveness of the new territorial provisions. Guidance on Integrated Sustainable Urban Development1 ITI scenarios published by the Commission makes limited reference to the development of indicators for territorial provisions and the evaluation of these approaches.2The report is based on a range of information sources accessed at different stages in the research :

  • a review of approaches developed for measuring the effectiveness of integrated place-based strategies (e.g. results from the ex-post evaluation of urban development in 2007-13, practices identified as part of the Urban Development Network and URBACT);
  • a stocktake of approaches to measurement, based on those identified in Task 3 of the project (case studies); and
  • a focus group held in Brussels in November 2016, with the participation of stakeholders from Commission services, programme authorities, organisations representing local and regional authorities and experts. It provided an opportunity to present and discuss key methodological challenges and develop insights to be integrated into the methodological report.