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ESIF Simplification: HLG proposal for policymakers for post-2020

ESIF Simplification: HLG proposal for policymakers for post-2020


Date: 11 jul 2017

Period: 2014-2020

Theme: Structural Funds management and Governance

Languages:   en

The High Level Expert Group monitoring simplification for beneficiaries of ESI Funds (HLG) published their proposals for policymakers for post-2020.

Although the achievements of the EU Cohesion Policy are undeniably positive, the current volume of rules does not always make life easy for local authorities managing EU funds or businesses looking to apply for EU funding. Simplification is therefore key and the European Commission should look into how to further simplify access to EU funds in the budget framework post 2020.

This is the main message that the High Level Group of Simplification seeks to feed into the discussion on the future of the EU finances which the Commission launched on 28 June with its dedicated reflection paper, the final paper in the series of five reflection documents released following the publication on 1 March of the Commission's White Paper on the Future of Europe.