European Union Solidarity Fund - Annual Report 2013

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Available languages : English
Period : 2007-2013
Date : 10/03/2015

Council Regulation (EC) No 2012/2002 of 11 November 2002 establishing the European Union Solidarity Fund (hereinafter "the Regulation"), provides that a report on the activity of the Fund in the previous year shall be presented to the European Parliament and to the Council. The present report presents the activities of the EU Solidarity Fund (hereinafter “EUSF”) during the year 2013: the treatment of pending and new applications and the assessment of implementation reports with a view to preparing these for closure. It also addresses the proposal to amend the Regulation presented in the course of the year.

During 2013, the Commission received eight new applications for EUSF assistance which represents an average year in terms of the number of applications. Four applications were submitted in January; four more applications arrived in July and August. Three of these applications concerned the flooding events in Slovenia, Austria and Croatia in October/November 2012. The applications received from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary concerned the severe floods of May/June 2013. The application received from Portugal concerned the mud and landslides on the Island of Madeira in January 2013. With the exception of the ones from Portugal and Hungary the Commission accepted all these applicationsand proposed the mobilisation of the EUSF.

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