Evaluation of the JASMINE Technical Assistance Pilot Phase

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Available languages : English
Period : 2007-2013
Date : 30/11/2013

The overall aim of the present evaluation is to provide an independent assessment of the implementation and effectiveness of the JASMINE Technical Assistance pilot phase (although only covering the period 2008 to 2012). The evaluation is both summative and formative, and seeks to draw lessons which could be applied to the next phase of JASMINE. It is based on a mixed-methods approach, drawing quantitative and qualitative evidence from a variety of sources: desk research; an online survey of technical assistance beneficiaries; an online survey of workshop participants and Helpdesk users; and, interviews with relevant Commission officials, the EIF, EMN, the two rating agencies, training providers, and 22 beneficiaries. Additionally, semi-structured interviews were also conducted with a limited number of rejected applicants, non-beneficiaries and microcredit experts such as Evers & Jung.


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JASMINE: Joint Action to Support Micro-finance Institutions in Europe