Regional Integration and Development: Brazil – EU Dialogue on Regional Policy

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Available languages : English Portuguese
Period : 2007-2013
Date : 02/05/2011

A clear objective of both Brazil and the European Union is to reduce regional disparities, as provided for in the Brazilian Federal Constitution (art. 3) and in the Treaty establishing the European Community (art. 158). Consequently, Brazil-EU regional policy cooperation entails recognition of this shared goal and the common challenges involved in achieving it.

Brazil and the EU have similar interests and problems regarding the issue of regional development. The socioeconomic disparities in the territories have given rise to policies intended to generate development opportunities for the regions of the 27 federal states (including the Federal District) of Brazil and the 27 EU Member States. The policies intend to overcome the traditional north-south divide in Brazil or the old-new member distinction in the case of the
EU, to move towards a more comprehensive approach to regional development.