Thematic Guidance Fiche: Renewable Energy and Smart Grids Investments (Thematic Objective 4 - Low Carbon Economy)

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Available languages : English
Period : 2014-2020
Date : 27/02/2014

This guidance explains issues related to thematic objective 4 “supporting the shift towards a low-carbon economy in all sectors” and the related investment priorities for renewable energy and smart grids investments under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund (CF). The main focus in this fiche is on investments priorities "promoting the production and distribution of energy derived from renewable sources", "promoting the use of high-efficiency co-generation of heat and power based on useful heat demand", "promoting research in, innovation in and adoption of low-carbon technologies" and "developing and implementing smart distribution systems at low and medium voltage levels", while the other investment priorities under thematic objective 4 also containing renewable energy aspects (listed in the table above) are further developed in the guidance fiche on energy efficiency investments.


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Guidance on European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020