Guidance Fiche: Arrangements on Territorial Development

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Available languages : English
Period : 2014-2020
Date : 24/01/2014

The legislative framework for 2014-2020 integrates arrangements on territorial development in the strategic framework at different levels. This note focuses more particularly on arrangements concerning programmes under the Investment for Growth and Jobs goal and ETC programmes, although territorial development issues are also relevant in programmes under the EAFRD and the EMFF.

In order to address key territorial challenges in the preparation of their Partnership Agreement and programmes, thereby taking into account territorial cohesion, Member States shall identify the specific challenges of each region, taking into account the major societal challenges faced by the EU today (globalisation, demographic change, environmental degradation, migration, climate change, energy use, the economic and social consequences of the crisis). According to the intervention logic, this analysis shall help them identifying their specific needs and potential to achieve Europe 2020 objectives, as well as selecting the corresponding thematic objectives, investment and Union priorities, specific objectives and appropriate delivery mechanisms.

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