The Outermost Regions: European lands In the world - Azores (2020)

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Date : 25/03/2020

By encouraging the outermost regions to capitalise on their unique assets, the strategy seeks to support these regions in creating new opportunities, boosting innovation and jobs in sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, climate change and circular economy, and deepening cooperation with neighbour countries.

Two years on, the main developments in Azores are:

  • A more dynamic and sustainable blue economy, based on the development of Maritime Spatial Planning schemes (MarSP project), the establishment of the «Escola do mar» (Sea School) and the coordination of the MISTIC SEA III project, to evaluate the Marine Strategy Framework Directive;
  • A more competitive agro-food sector, in particular the dairy sector; supporting registered designations of origin and implementing forestry management by means of Remote Piloted Aircraft;
  • Enhanced protection of biodiversity through several projects supported by the EU LIFE programme for the protection of threatened endemic species and the preservation of habitats;
  • Support innovation through an international spaceport on the island of Santa Maria, and by promoting technology transfer and boosting science-based innovation in regional SMEs through the FANBest project;
  • Energy transition through the Azorean Energy Strategy 2030, establishing a plan for electric mobility with fast charging points for electrical cars and participating in a project for deep geothermal energy.
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