Outermost Regions: The commission's proposals for the next EU Budget for 2021-2027

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Available languages : English Spanish French Portuguese
Period : 2021-2027
Date : 27/06/2018

Under the Cohesion Policy, these regions will continue to receive an additional EU funds allocation of more than EUR 1 billion whilst enjoying the maximum rate of EU co-financing. Unlike other regions, they will be allowed to invest EU funds in airports.

They will receive EUR 270 million in aid under cooperation programmes (‘Interreg’). Pooling of resources with the Neighbourhood and International Cooperation Instrument will be allowed in order to promote joint projects with third countries and help these regions to be better integrated in the part of the world where
they are situated. 

The Commission is proposing EUR 315 million to support the fisheries sector in the nine regions, including paying 100 % compensation for their additional costs, as in the past. The financial package earmarked for these regions will also help to develop sustainable fisheries and a sustainable maritime economy and to
support small-scale coastal fishermen.

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