Overcoming obstacles in border regions - Responding to emergency across the border

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Date : 20/09/2017

What if floods cause chaos on one side of the border but ambulances on the other cannot come to the rescue because of red tape?

That’s a possible scenario along the Hungarian-Slovak border.

Authorities in the river-rich region have developed close cooperation on water and natural disaster management in recent years.

Joint projects have focused on more effective flood control and protection, developing forecasting models, streamlining data and improving collaboration and communication.

But due to legal hurdles hampering cross-border medical emergency services, ambulances can’t cross the border, even if lives are at stake and the closest hospital is on the other side.

With climate change raising the risk of floods, political will in both countries has helped foster collaboration on disaster management in line with EU regulations. But the same is not happening for improving medical emergency and rescue services. 

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