Overcoming Obstacles in Border Regions - Over the border for work, back in time for supper (Denmark-Sweden)

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Date : 20/09/2017

The Oresund region is one of the most dynamic in Europe, with the cities of Copenhagen in Denmark and Malmö in Sweden as its two main hubs. Cooperation between the two countries contributes to the region’s economic success. In 2000, this resulted in the opening of the Oresund Bridge.

Since then, Danes and Swedes have crossed the Oresund strait in increasing numbers. Among them are some 19 000 cross-border commuters — workers who live in one country and work in the other.

However, research indicates that commuting would be much higher if both countries reduced or removed interlinked legal and administrative obstacles to cross-border commuting. For example, did you know that commuters risk losing part of their pensions or unemployment benefits if they do not follow correct procedures?

Different cross-border organisations in the region are successfully tackling such obstacles. They aim to encourage more unemployed Danes and Swedes to seek work on the other side of the border — to the advantage of the region, its economy and workers seeking new opportunities.

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