EU Strategy for the Danube Region: National factsheet - Romania

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Available languages : English
Period : 2007-2013
Date : 08/04/2013

Romania together with Austria asked the Commission for the development of a Strategy for the Danube Region, through a joint letter of Chancellor Gusenbauer and Prime Minister Tariceanu to Barroso in June 2008.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has established an intergovernmental platform to coordinate the implementation of the strategy in Romania. This platform includes all relevant ministries and meets regularly (about once a month). The platform is chaired by the vice-prime minister Liviu Dragnea. The thematic interest in Romania focuses on navigation (driven by the Ministry of Transport), culture and tourism (driven by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration), environmental risks (driven by Ministry of Environment and Climate Change). Romania has an equally high interest in themes like support for SMSs and capacity building.


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