Ex-Post Evaluation of The URBAN Community Initiative 2001-2006

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Available languages : English
Period : 2000-2006
Date : 06/01/2010

The second round of the Urban Community Initiative, "URBAN II", supported "neighbourhoods in crisis". These areas faced a broad range of economic and social challenges, as well as a rundown physical environment.

Positive changes for the area as a whole or at least stabilisation were noted in almost all the case studies and stakeholders attributed these to URBAN.  In addition, many quantified effects were recorded including:

  • 2,314,000 m² of buildings converted and renovated and 3,238,000 m² of green space created.
  • 6,000 small businesses and start-ups supported and given access to business services, resulting in 2,000 jobs created.
  • Of the 108,000 people trained, more than half were from vulnerable groups and were helped to overcome illiteracy and continue their education or to enter the labour market for the first time
  • 247 projects to reduce local crime, including street wardens, CCTV, landscaping and street lighting, delivered in collaboration with community groups and neighbourhood watches.

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