Results indicators 2014+: Report on pilot tests in 23 Regions/OPS across 15 MS of the EU

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Available languages : English
Period : 2014-2020
Date : 15/01/2013

The Commission proposes a stronger focus on results in the 2014-2020 programming period. In practice this means that programmes will articulate more clearly what they intend to change as a result of spending resources on specific policies.

Definitions and Roles of Different Indicators

  • Result indicators relate to the specific objective (the intended change in the region).
  • Output indicators relate to the operations supported – km of road, enterprises
    supported, etc..
  • Common output indicators relate to the activities most frequently supported by the Funds and their aim is to have aggregate data at the EU level to demonstrate what the Funds are spent on.

Result indicators cannot be aggregated to the EU level because needs are different in different regions and results achieved will also be different. Result indicators capture the change in the region as a result of the policy and other factors. Only evaluation can disentangle the contribution of the policy from the effects of other factors.

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