Experience of the 2007-2013 Italian Performance Reserve (PR) – measurable objective for public services provision in Mezzorgiorno

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Available languages : English
Period : 2014-2020
Date : 01/02/2012

The note offers a thorough insight into a result based programming practice. It analyses the experience of the performance reserve system currently implemented within the Italian National Strategic Regional Framework, rewarding the improvement in the provision of public services to Mezzogiorno citizens. The analysis focuses on the system of indicators and targets, on the design and implementation of actions needed to achieve expected results, on the strategic and technical governance of the system. Notwithstanding the peculiarities of the financial and governance framework, wider than the one strictly referred to Structural Fund co financed Operational Programmes, and some difficulties that are seriously hindering its implementation, the Italian experience provides useful indications for strengthening the results orientation of Cohesion Policy after 2013 and for fine tuning the performance reserve system proposed by the European Commission.

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