Outcome Indicators for the Thematic priorities addressing the Europe 2020 Objective “Meeting climate change and energy objectives”

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Available languages : English
Period : 2014-2020
Date : 15/02/2011

One of the five objectives of Europe 2020 is: Meeting climate change and energy objectives. The issues surrounding the complex interactions between environmental phenomena and other social and economic phenomena require us to develop indicators capable of capturing both at a broad level and also at a specific level the major features of these interactions.

The required outcome indicators for Operational Programmes (and Partnership Contracts) and projects that reduce energy use and environmental impact, and thus contribute to sustainable development, ideally span both physical as well as behavioural outcomes. Examples of physical outcomes include changes in fuel purchases by households and the associated reductions in emissions, such as of SO2, NOX and particulates, as well as greenhouse gases. Behavioural changes include a shift among transport modes, such as from personal passenger vehicles to public transportation.

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