How to strengthen the integration of migrants in cities?

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Date : 05/04/2016

Managing migration better is an explicit priority of the European Commission, as presented in the political guidelines of President Juncker. In this context,
the integration and social inclusion of the growing number of migrants settling in Europe will be key to demonstrate that these people should not be considered as a threat but as an opportunity. All means at European level should be mobilised to support the efforts of the Member States and
their regions and cities in that area.

Migration is a cross-cutting issue, involving different actors and policy areas. Cohesion Policy and its funding instruments, for example, aim to provide meaningful support and opportunities for all disadvantaged groups, including migrants through their economic and social development in the European Union.

The European Regional Development Fund supports the integration of migrants through various measures such as: investments in social, health, education, housing and childcare infrastructure; regeneration of deprived urban areas; actions to reduce spatial and educational isolation of migrants; business start-ups; etc. Where so desired, these actions could even be packaged into integrated urban development programmes.

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