Ensuring the visibility of Cohesion Policy : Information and communication rules 2014-2020

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Period : 2014-2020
Date : 25/03/2014

Cohesion policy is the most important investment vehicle of the European Union (EUR 351.8 billion proposed for the period 2014-2020) to achieve the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy. Providing information and communicating on the aims, funding opportunities and results of cohesion policy programmes and projects is therefore a key task for the Managing Authorities and the beneficiaries in the Member States by addressing questions such as:

  • What investment opportunities exist?
  • How does a beneficiary go about tackling publicity issues?
  • Who is being funded and for what purpose?

Informing potential beneficiaries about funding opportunities is a crucial part of programme management. In order to ensure that cohesion policy invests in the most relevant and innovative projects, the widest possible audience of potential beneficiaries needs to be informed. This happens not only by highlighting the investment opportunities, but also by showcasing the results achieved. The Managing Authorities, together with project beneficiaries, have to demonstrate to the region’s citizens as well as to the media and politicians at all levels, the results of these investments. Taxpayers within the EU have the right to know how their money is spent.

As a positive side effect, EU cohesion policy can contribute to strengthening public support for the European Union as a whole, by highlighting the positive impact that the many projects have in each of the 274 regions across the Union.

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