European Quality of Government Index 2017

The European Quality of Government Index (EQI), 2017 edition, developed by the Quality of Government Institute of Gothenburg University, is the only measure of institutional quality available at the regional level in the European Union. Institutional quality is defined as a multi-dimensional concept consisting of high impartiality and quality of public service delivery, along with low corruption. Funded by the European Commission in 2010 and then again in 2013 and 2017, the EQI aims at capturing average citizens’ perceptions and experiences with corruption, and the extent to which they rate their public services as impartial and of good quality in their region of residence.

Three editions of the index are now available to show improvement or decline over time. Although a relatively stability in quality of government can be noted across the three editions, the old dividing lines in quality of government, between Northern and Southern Europe but also between Western and Eastern Europe, seem to be slowly blurring. Divergences in quality of government are not as stark in 2017 as they were in 2010.

For example, the list of regions with the most significant improvements in quality of government in the period under study is dominated by eastern regions, with some of them having surpassed many western regions. In contrast, it is regions in Western Europe that are the ones demonstrating the most noticeable declines in quality of government. Yet regions in Western Europe are quite heterogeneous in terms of quality of government. While most regions in Northern Europe have remained among the top performers in quality of government, recent years have seen a fall of numerous Southern regions, particularly in Italy, Greece and Spain. In other words, geography does seem to matter, but it does not fully determine the quality of government in a region.

Interactive maps, scorecards and spider-graphs are provided here to help the users navigate through data. Maps provide an overall view of the spatial pattern of the EQI 2017 and its three dimensions, quality, impartiality and corruption. Scorecards allow for a detailed analysis and comparison of each region's performance either with its peers in terms of GDP per capita or with all the other EU regions. Interactive spider-graphs are available as well where two regions can be benchmarked with each other and with the European average.

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