60 years of Europe; 60 projects for you

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As a nod to the 60th anniversary of the signature of the Rome Treaty, we have created a gallery of 60 photos illustrating projects co-financed by the EU's main investment programme: EU Regional Policy.

These projects help our economy but also and above all our citizens. Whether they are transport infrastructure, SME support, urban development, research and innovation, waste water treatment, school renovations or interregional cooperation programmes, the goal of each one is to improve the lives of citizens who will benefit from them either directly or indirectly. That is what you will see in the faces in this gallery.

Robert Schuman said in 1958 : "Europe won't be made all at once or according to a single plan. It will be made through concrete projects which create a de facto solidarity". These concrete projects are among the thousands developed by European regional policy for the citizens of each region of the EU and put into practice by local, regional and national authorities in each Member State.

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