JESSICA Networking Platform

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  • Meeting presentations *:

  1. JESSICA operational aspects: Progress update & challenges ahead pdf
  2. JESSICA Lessons Learned Working Group: Conclusions and Recommendations pdf
  3. JESSICA & Housing: Working Group's Conclusions and Recommendations pdf
  4. Marketing Communication and Knowledge Dissemination Strategies for JESSICA Operations pdf
  5. Methodologies for Assessing Social and Economic Performance in JESSICA pdf
  6. Financial Instruments in Cohesion Policy 2014-2020: Proposed Framework - Where we Stand pdf
  7. Preparing for the use of JESSICA-type financial instruments 2014-2020 pdf
  8. JESSICA Evaluation Study: Île-de-France Region - France pdf
  9. UDFs Are not Alone: Project Investment Support in the Implementation Cycle pdf
  10. North West Evergreen Limited Partnership: A JESSICA Case Study in Brownfield Regeneration pdf
  11. Financing JESSICA Projects: the cases of Portugal and Andalucía pdf
  12. Polish UDF investments in Urban Revitalisation: Introduction pdf
  13. BGK's experience as Urban Development Fund pdf

The JESSICA Networking Platform was launched on 4 March 2009 during a meeting with Managing Authorities of the Operational Programs of the Structural Funds and other interested stakeholders.

(*) The views expressed in the presentations can in no way be taken to reflect the official opinion of the European Commission.