IPA Transport Operational Programme in Turkey

The overall objective of the "Transport" programme is to improve the competitiveness, safety and quality of the transport infrastructure sector in Turkey. This covers interconnection, interoperability and intermodality of national networks, as well as connections with the trans-European networks. The programme aims to rebalance freight transportation in favour of rail. The Trans European Network for Transport study (TINA) is the key background study for the identification of investment priorities in the transport sector.

1. Priorities and Measures

Priority 1: Improvement of Railway Infrastructure. This priority axis aims to:

  • modernize the railway infrastructure of Turkey to meet the increasing demand in both passenger and freight transport.
  • ensure safe transportation, better services and integration with TEN-T network.
  • promote international and transit movement of passenger and freight in Turkey by providing effective connections with the EU corridors.
  • complete missing links of Turkish rail transport network connecting to TEN-T.

Priority 2: Improvement of Maritime Infrastructure. This priority aims to modernize the port infrastructure in Turkey in order to improve the capacity of some strategic ports to meet the increasing demand and rationalize modes of transport in Turkey according to EU Motorways of the Sea objectives; to promote international and transit movement of freight in Turkey by providing effective connections with the EU maritime routes through the modernization and development.

Priority 3: Technical Assistance. This priority axis aims to ensure a sound and efficient management and implementation of the programme, by improving the administrative capacity of the institutions concerned and supporting implementation, monitoring, evaluation, control and communication activities, as well as to prepare projects for current and subsequent programmes.

2. Financial Table

Priority IPA Contribution National co-financing Total funding Co-financing rate
(a) (b) (c) = (a) + (b) (d) = (a)/(c)
Priority 1 - Improvement of Railway Infrastructure 556 036 514 98 124 091 654 160 605 85 %
Priority 2 - Improvement of Maritime Infastructure 0 0 0 85 %
Priority 3 - Technical Assistance 28 680 148 5 061 203 33 741 351 85 %
Total (2007-2013) 584 716 662 103 185 294 687 901 956 85 %

3. Major Projects

  • Ankara-Istanbul High Speed Line Project / Köseköy-Gebze section. Construction of high speed railway between Istanbul and Ankara will provide a time-efficient, comfortable and safe transportation opportunity. The project will improve travelling time between Ankara and Istanbul passing by the segment Köseköy/Gebze (EU contribution EUR 136 million).
  • Rehabilitation and Signalisation of Irmak - Karabük - Zonguldak Railway Line: Rehabilitation works - on the existing railway line connecting Black Sea region to Anatolia to speed up the existing freight train services and travelling time, eliminate the restrictions and bottlenecks and to re-establish the technical and operating condition necessary for a safe railway operation (EU contribution EUR 188 million).
  • Modernisation of Samsun-Kalın railway line: the project which will rehabilitate and modernize the existing non-signalised, non-electrified, single-track railway line of standard gauge between Samsun and Kalın (378 km), located within a mountainous region and characterised by steep gradients with restrictive horizontal curves, in order to address the inadequacies of the existing infrastructure (21 trains per day) and level of service (EU contribution EUR 240 million).

4. Contact & Links

Operating Structure for the Transport Operational Programme

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